Luxury Bathroom Furniture

On this page you’ll find our bespoke all-in-one WC/Vanity units – an excellent alternative to our renowned vanity units – tall boys, and cistern units.

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Parker Howley are more than bespoke furniture designers and manufacturers. We’re bathroom specialists, known for our vanity units and luxury bathroom furniture and accessories. 

Our team of skilled and qualified joiners have been team-building our bespoke furniture by hand, using traditional techniques, in Mirfield, Yorkshire UK, for over a decade. Helping to forge our reputation as UK market leaders in bespoke furniture for the bathroom and beyond. 

This range of luxury bathroom furniture includes WC/vanity all-in-one units, cistern units, tall boys, and bathroom accessories like mirrors, shelves, soap stands and bath trays. Explore our designs and the bespoke options available, to create the perfect bespoke piece for your bathroom. 

If you’re looking for stand alone vanity units, be sure to browse our dedicated page of bespoke vanity unit designs to find the ultimate bathroom centrepiece. 

Luxury Bathroom Furniture

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Transform Your Bathroom With Our Luxury Bathroom Furniture

We offer both traditional and contemporary bathroom furniture, taking inspiration from North American and Canadian designs, to create pieces that combine aesthetic beauty with excellent functionality.

Our luxury bathroom furniture is made from the highest quality materials, including American prime-white oak for pieces with a plain wood finish, Tulipwood for models with a painted finish, and quartz stone tops. 

Parker Howley’s materials and craftsmanship are the finest on the market. We offer not only fine, UK-made bespoke bathroom furniture, but pieces with excellent features that help you to realise your image of the perfect bathroom. 

Our WC/vanity all-in-one units help to maximise your space with their gap-free design, our cistern units feature two panels that clip off to provide easy access to the plumbing behind them, and our tall boys contain adjustable shelving to offer you versatile storage. 

Tailor Our Luxury Bathroom Furniture

At Parker Howley, when we say bespoke, we mean bespoke. Absolutely everything we use, from our timbers to our knobs and handles, are made in the UK, to your specifications. 

Browse our range of luxury bathroom furniture and use our online tool to specify the size of your piece, select its painted colour from 48 Rubio Monocoat stains, and choose from our huge range of beautiful knobs and handles to create the perfect design for you. 

You can also work with our furniture specialists to customise any aspect of our bespoke pieces, and to bring your favourite bathroom furniture designs to life, whatever they may be. Simply show our team some images, and we can help create your own, bespoke Yorkshire-made version, tailored to your taste and requirements. 

Embarking on a full bathroom renovation project? Work with our team to discuss the design and manufacture of a suite of our luxury bathroom furniture.

Our WC/Vanity All-In-One Units

We offer two distinctly different models of all-in-one WC/vanity unit: The Italian, which features two drawers, an attractive shelving space and is available in a range of finishes, and the Thornton, a bold, contemporary model that features two large cupboards either side of the cistern/toilet. 

Choose between a plain, fluted or reeded finish, and tailor things further by choosing between a wall-mounted or freestanding model, and selecting the perfect toilet to bring your unit to life. Work with our team of bathroom specialists to design your piece around the walls of your bathroom, which will dictate the design of your unit. Read more about this below.

Bespoke Cistern Units

Our bespoke cisterns are the ultimate way to make your toilet the star of the show, and the centrepiece of your bathroom design. 

The Pickering is our hugely versatile Cistern design, available in plain, beaded and shaker fronts, in either a plain or painted finish. 

Like all of our luxury bathroom furniture, we offer a range of bespoke options, enabling you to choose the size of your cistern unit, the toilet it will be paired with, and opt for either a plain/painted top or a hand selected quartz stone top for an added touch of luxury. 

Our cistern units and all-in-one WC/vanity units can be personalised further. Work with our team to tailor your piece to your specific bathroom, to discern whether you need a back-to-wall unit, or one designed around a wall-hung toilet with a concealed cistern from leading brands like Crosswater and many more. 

Tall Boys

Tired of bathroom clutter? Struggling to find a high-quality, attractive bathroom storage option? 

Our wonderfully versatile The Malton model is available as both a freestanding and wall-mounted unit, and in either a natural or painted finish, and with plain, shaker or beaded fronts. 

Select the size of your tall boy and choose from an enormous range of knobs and handles to create a bespoke design that will thrill you for years to come. 

Like our entire range of luxury bathroom furniture, the tailoring options don’t end at our online tool. Work with our team to customise the storage options your tall boy offers and its unique orientation, around the needs of your family. 

Go Bespoke With Parker Howley

Explore our range of bathroom furniture and begin tailoring our models using our online builder today. Alternatively, work with our team of bathroom specialists to be guided through the process and to bring your image of the perfect bathroom to life.

Be sure to also explore our range of luxury bathroom accessories, like mirrors, shelves, soap stands and bath trays to complete your bathroom design.

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