Crosswater Basins

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Crosswater bathroom products and accessories are some of the most high-quality and innovative on the market, offering excellent performance and stunning standout designs to complete and elevate any bathroom design. 

Our range of Crosswater basins, taps and accessories showcases the brand’s excellent use of sleek lines, stunning finishes, and integrated technology to offer you the very best for your bathroom.

At Parker Howley, we’re bespoke vanity unit specialists, and at the heart of many of our pieces, are Crosswater’s beautiful basins. Explore our extensive range below.

Crosswater Basins

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Why Choose Crosswater Basins?

Quality & Finish

Crosswater design basins that combine quality with unparalleled aesthetic impact, without compromising the practicality of their designs. 

Made from high-quality porcelain and MaterialLucite AcrylicStone, Crosswater basins feature some of the most attractive, durable, scratch and chip resistant finishes on the market, and are available in white gloss, white matt, and a limited range of colours. They scream quality, and luxury.

Stunning Range of Designs

In our work helping customers like you to realise your vision of the perfect bathroom with our bespoke, Yorkshire-made vanity units, Crosswater’s basins are a popular choice, with both traditional and contemporary designs that help bring our units to life.

Our Crosswater countertop range features round and oval designs, as well as square and uniquely shaped Crosswater basins, that can help you to add a touch of traditional flair to your bathroom.

Alternatively we offer a range of Crosswater undermount basins in popular rectangular designs, as well as square, and classic round and oval designs, that can help you to realise your image of the perfect Italian or contemporary bathroom design.


Basins for Every Style & Application

Countertop Basins

Countertop Crosswater basins are a go-to for customers looking to maximise the storage space available in their vanity unit.

Standing proudly on top of the vanity unit, these Crosswater models truly elevate your vanity unit and traditional bathroom design, drawing the eye with their sleek lines and curves.

Discover our Crosswater countertop basins today, starting with our best-selling Pearl and Amalfi models, to find the design that speaks to you.

Countertop Crosswater basins are best paired with tall and wall-mounted taps, which provide ample clearance over these stunning basins. Discover Crosswater’s Belgravia tap models, such as their Crosshead design, for the finest in traditional bathroom taps, or discover the rest of our extensive range of Crosswater’s tall and wall-mounted taps, for more contemporary tap designs.

You’ll also need to explore our free running and unslotted Crosswater wastes, as countertop basins don’t usually feature overflows.

Undermount Basins

Undermount basins are a fantastic choice for those looking for a contemporary and uncluttered vanity unit design.

Though they may be sunken into the countertop of your vanity unit, undermount Crosswater basins are no less of a beautiful, aesthetic addition to your vanity unit and bathroom.

However, undermount basins can minimise the amount of available storage space in your vanity unit, with the depth of the basin taking up the top drawer space in a number of our vanity unit designs. Be sure to lean on the expertise of our team to ensure you select a basin that brings your vanity unit to life and transforms your bathroom.

Discover the spa-like aesthetic and feel of our best-selling Crosswater undermount models, the beautiful rectangular Tornio A and B models, or explore the rest of our range to find the perfect Crosswater undermount basin for you.

Undermount basins are best paired with standard single lever taps, mixer taps, and both deck and wall-mounted 2 and 3 hole models. Discover our extensive range of Crosswater taps today to find your perfect pairing.


Matching Crosswater Basins to Wastes

Our range of basins from Crosswater, span models both with and without overflows. Overflows are holes that allow water rising to the height of the hole to drain, if the plug was left in and the water allowed to run.

Slotted wastes pair with Crosswater basins featuring an overflow, and enable water to travel through the overflow hole, down a tube fitted to the back-side of the overflow hole, and into the thread of the plug, down the trap and out to your pipes outside.

Unslotted wastes are for basins without an overflow, and enable the water to drop down the unslotted thread into the waste trap/U bend.

Universal wastes are a popular choice as they can be installed as both a slotted and unslotted waste, offering you the flexibility to choose the Crosswater sink that most speaks to you.


Go Bespoke With Parker Howley

As the market’s leading bespoke bathroom furniture specialists, there’s little we don’t know about Crosswater basins, taps, designer bathroom accessories, and selecting the perfect pieces to bring your 100% bespoke vanity unit and bathroom design to life.

Begin tailoring our vanity units with Crosswater sinks and more, using our online builder today. Alternatively, work with our team of bathroom specialists to be guided through the process of personalising the perfect vanity unit for your bathroom.

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