Contemporary & Modern Bathroom Vanity Units

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At Parker Howley, we have been helping customers to realise their vision of the perfect bathroom for over a decade, with bespoke vanity units made in Yorkshire, UK. 

Here you can explore our contemporary and modern bathroom vanity units and tailor each model to your most exacting taste and the needs of your family, to create the ultimate bespoke piece for your bathroom or en suite.

Contemporary Vs Modern Bathroom Vanity Units

As bathroom specialists, we understand that contemporary and modern bathroom designs are different – but very similar.

Modern bathroom designs take influence from modernism, postmodernism, art deco design sensibilities and more, and usually have a minimalistic aesthetic. 

Contemporary bathroom designs draw inspiration from multiple schools of design, including modern design, making the design features more ambiguous and harder to categorise definitively.  

The similarities between the two design styles, and the ambiguities of contemporary design, is why we group our contemporary and modern bathroom vanity units together. Though our team of specialists can work with you to personalise each model and help you achieve the perfect piece for your bathroom’s unique design.

Modern Design Elements to Apply to Your Vanity Unit

Modern bathroom designs tend to have a minimalist feel, and feature clean lines, geometric patterns, hard angles, and utilise materials such as wood, brass, and glass. These are quintessential modern design characteristics we can help you to add to any of our contemporary and modern bathroom vanity units.

Storage & Basin Decisions

Our modern units are both stunning focal points that transform any bathroom, and stunning storage solutions that make unattractive toiletries and cumbersome bathroom essentials disappear, to maximise your space and create the ultimate modern look and feel. 

Start by considering how much storage you need, and whether you’d like some open storage space, or might prefer your belongings to be hidden in drawers or behind doors. 

Our Baildon, Stamford, Yeadon, Brawby, Hawnby, Hummanby, and Culverden modern bathroom vanity units feature stunning solid wood or reeded drawers and doors to help you achieve a sleek, modern look. 

While our Cotswold, Harewood, Islington, Denton, Bedale, Bay Scallop, Hever and Penshurst models feature stunning open storage elements.

Both countertop and undermount basins can help you to achieve the perfect modern bathroom. However vanity units with countertop basins and a tall or wall-mounted tap/mixer, or double his and hers vanity units, can help your bathroom scream modern design. Explore a less traditional basin that makes a statement to achieve a more modern feel.


Modern bathrooms lean heavily on wood and metal materials in addition to other natural materials like marble and stone. 

Our contemporary and modern bathroom vanity units are made from high quality oak in Mirfield Yorkshire, and are available in both a painted or stained finish, to help you tailor the aesthetic impact of your unit. 

Marble, quartz, and solid surface materials have become quintessential in modern bathrooms for tabletop surfaces, like those on our vanity units, and we can help you to explore your variety of countertop top options to help create the perfect modern piece that brings your bathroom to life. 

You can tailor our modern bathroom vanity units with models from our huge range of taps, which are available in a range of materials including brushed brass, which is a must for that instant modern look.


Modern and contemporary bathrooms tend to favour high contrast colours, monochrome or neutral colour palettes with splashes of bold and contrasting colours. 

We offer our contemporary and modern vanity units in either a stained finish, using industry-leading Rubio Monocoat products, or painted finish. So, whether you’d like to harness the natural wood tones of contemporary Scandinavian design, or the bold colourful finish achieved with a modern painted finish, we’ve got you covered.

Beyond Our Modern Bathroom Vanity Units

Beyond our vanity units, there are a number of other factors to make your dreams of the perfect modern bathroom a reality: 

  • Colourful mosaics, geometric or floral tiling is a staple of modern bathroom design.
  • Waterproof wall panels in either simple, or bold colours and designs.
  • Freestanding baths and wall hung toilets  – Allowing for more tiles to be seen, creating the illusion of a larger room and the feeling of traditional luxury.
  • Brushed brass or black bathroom hardware, such as shower heads and taps.
  • Glass shower enclosures, in quadrant or rectangular orientations, in a range of walk-in options are growing increasingly popular in contemporary and modern bathroom design.
  • Large/oversized shower heads.
  • Illuminated mirrors in wood or metal frames.
  • Heated towel rails – a modern bathroom must if space allows.

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