Italian Bathroom Vanity Units

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Parker Howley has been helping customers like you to bring your Italian style bathroom dreams to life for over a decade, with bespoke, UK-made Italian bathroom vanity units 100% tailored to your needs and unique taste. 

There’s little we don’t know about bathroom design, and can help to advise you on the design elements you need to consider to create a truly italian-inspired bathroom.

Italian Bathroom Vanity Units

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Italian Bathroom Design


Italian bathrooms blend the very best in luxury design with a focus on functionality and ergonomics, to create spa-like centres for relaxation tailored to you, the homeowner, and your unique needs.

Just like our Italian bathroom vanity units, Italian bathroom designs can be both minimalist or ornate, but feature the highest quality materials and a masterful finish that enhances the natural beauty of the materials.

Marble, stone, glass, metal, and acrylic materials are a must for a quintessentially “Italian” bathroom, and are materials we can use in our vanity units to help bring your Italian style bathroom to life.

Elements to Consider When Personalising Our Italian Bathroom Vanity Units


Orientation: There are few things that scream “Italian style bathrooms” more than wall-mounted furniture and basins, to provide a weightless, spacious feel to your space.

Remember, this school of design is all about creating a space for spa-like luxury and relaxation, so be sure to explore our wall-mounted Italian bathroom vanity units, which you can customise to your most exacting tastes and unique requirements.

Storage: Whether you opt for a more modern or rustic take on Italian bathroom design, our models featuring open storage areas are a perfect way to add some texture into your bathroom, as a great home for towels and other bathroom essentials. They’re also a great way to display your high-end bathroom accessories, and what could be more quintessentially “Italian” than must-have designer toiletries?

Alternatively, explore our stunning Combinato models, available in both fluted and sleek wood finishes, to hide your bathroom essentials away and keep your space open and clutter free.

Basins & Taps: Whether your ideal Italian bathroom features a vessel basin, ramp sink, pedestal basin, or any of our many stunning statement pieces, we have a huge range of basins to choose from to give your Italian bathroom vanity unit some Italian flair.

Roman faucets are a perfect addition to any Italian style bathroom or vanity unit. Alternatively, opting for gold, bronze and copper taps and fittings can help to add some Italian influence to your bathroom.

For a modern Italian influence, be sure to explore more advanced faucets, with high-tech spray settings and touchless technology etc.

Elegant Materials: High-quality materials such as marble, granite and stone are synonymous with Italian style bathroom design, and are materials we can use in the countertops of our Italian bathroom vanity units. Explore the many customisation options we offer on each and every one of our vanity unit models, and make your image of the perfect Italian bathroom a reality.

Colours: Italian style bathrooms tend to feature natural tones and hues. Colours don’t have to be muted, but they are rarely bright and garish. Instead, bolder colours are used for a pop of colour and are used with taste and restraint.

Black and White colour schemes with a pop of colour are common in more modern Italian style bathrooms, while copper and ivory tones are quintessential rustic Italian stylings.

Our bespoke vanity units are available in either stained finishes, using industry-leading Rubio Monocoat products, or painted finishes, to help your chosen Italian style.

Beyond Our Italian Bathroom Vanity Units


Beyond our vanity units, there are a number of other factors to consider to bring your Italian style bathroom dreams to life:

  • Stunning (steam) showers surrounded by transparent or tempered glass. Showers with no curb between the bathroom floor and the shower area are more quintessentially “Italian” in style.
  • Statement baths, particularly freestanding tubs, scream “Italian style bathrooms”. Explore painted iron, copper finished, brass tubs, or oval/elaborately shaped white ceramic models to bring your Italian bathroom to life.
  • A bidet is a must to give your bathroom a European touch.
  • Slate tiles can offer your bathroom a sleek, instantly “Italian” look.
  • Explore our wall mounted lighting, especially lamp style models to add some rustic Italian influence to your space.
  • Add a circular mirror above your Italian bathroom vanity unit for that quintessentially Italian look. Discover our extensive range today.

Contact our team today to enquire about our bespoke vanity units, and how we can help you create the perfect piece for your Italian style bathroom.

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