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Traditionally Handcrafted & Timeless Timber

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Some say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

When you look at it, it should make you feel warm and proud. When you use it, it should be a breeze and make you feel at complete ease. This is how your Parker Howley & Co kitchen will be designed. We focus on the details and so your kitchen will not only feel luxurious, it will also feel timeless and will be an extension of who you are.

Why Parker Howley & Co.?

We know that kitchens are a big investment, and this is why we have scoured the earth for the best materials to build and finish your pride and joy. Crafted with solid traditional carpentry methods and the highest of quality fittings, be rest assured that your Parker Howley & Co kitchen will stand the test of time.


Due to the robust nature of tulipwood and oak, we construct the frame of each cabinet in whichever of these you choose. These timbers by themselves would move too much due to the natural characteristics of them and is why our cabinets incorporate moisture resistant MDF, to help keep them stable and reliable for years to come.

The Joinery

Every cabinet in all of our collections is crafted using professional carpentry jointing techniques. Every piece from top to bottom and side to side has a joint to ensure maximum stability. All of this is done in house by our workshop of master craftsmen.

Doors are made using 4 pieces of timer with 4 pieces laid in a square over a bottom panel and our frames are put together using domino jointing. Both of these techniques have been used for centuries and there is no reason we can see to change these solid traditional carpentry methods.

The Process

After our initial design discussion, where your high-level ideas are discussed and an approximate pricing range is given, if you decide to go ahead, we will move into our more in-depth design service. This is where your ideas start to firm up and your kitchen ideas really come to life.

There is a £400 design fee at this stage but if you decide to move forward with us, you’ll get that back. We will ask for a 30% deposit if/when you decide to go ahead, and the remaining amount will be required when production begins.

We will visit your home and perform a full measure up to take all the pressure off you. From there, we will produce plans & drawings for you to see a 3D rendered image of your kitchen to ensure you can see what you are buying, before it is made.

The Collections

There are four styles of cabinetry in our collection as we believe in doing fewer things with excellence, rather than many things with mediocracy. That said, there is something for everyone and if there is anything that doesn’t quite feel like you, all of our collections can be customised to your exact liking.


The simplest out of our collections, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this collection won’t make a statement. The Thornton is finished with shaker style doors and plain drawers and is a slight step down in detail from the ‘Yeadon’ and the ‘Harewood’, but just as striking.


A slight step up from the Thornton, you have the Yeadon that delivers a slightly more luxurious finish with the addition of cock (curved) beading on the cupboard doors and on the larger shaker drawers. This can also give a slight traditional feel, depending on what colour you choose to go with but conversely can be modern and chic.


Also a slight step up from the Thornton, the Harewood delivers more of a modern and slightly higher end look with the addition of flat style beading around the drawers and doors. This subtle addition delivers a surprisingly large impact on the final look of the kitchen.


This brings all the elements of the Thornton, Harewood and Yeadon together, giving a really striking and stand out look. You have the shaker element from the Thornton, the beading on the drawers and shaker drawers from the Yeadon, as well as the beading around the drawers and doors from the Harewood. Simply stunning.

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