Our designs, from kitchen islands to vanity units to paint, are made from natural materials wherever possible.

Changes in colour, texture and wood grain, from one piece to another are just a lovely characteristic of this. It also means that they’re durable, but of course not bomb-proof. Timber may crack, scratch or stain but that’s why we use the most appropriate solutions to protect your furniture.

Natural materials such as timber will also always move, and that is just something that is impossible to get away from. It will expand and shrink as the temperature and humidity in your home changes, but there are specialist joinery techniques that can help to counteract this movement, which is exactly what we do. Just know that small changes are completely normal and nothing to worry about.

When it comes to paint, the colour is likely to change over time as it responds to sunlight and moisture from the change in temperatures. Because we make our paint using natural pigments and materials, there can be some colour variance across different batches too. When you’re using more than one tin of the same colour, we recommend that you mix them together beforehand. And when you’re redecorating a previously painted area, we advise completely repainting rather than ‘spot’ repairing for the most consistent finish.

We always try our best to make sure that the descriptions, images and prices on our website and in our literature are accurate. Sometimes we can’t control this (for instance, computer monitors can affect colour), but if you spot something that you think is amiss, let us know and we’ll try to solve it as soon as possible.

It’s also just worth pointing out that cancellations/returns/ex-display pieces are sold as seen and might have the odd knock or bump on them.

Marble Disclaimer

Marble is a product of nature, with natural products there are some qualities of the material and fabrication that must be understood by the owner including:

  • All natural stone colours are species of natural materials and as a result colouration, veining and texture – i.e. pitts, fissures and fragmentation, will vary from samples and are an inherent part of the finished product.
  • Natural stone thickness may vary from slab to slab, even within the same species of stone. For example, 3cm product is a nominal 30mm thick, + / – 7mm and 2cm product is a nominal 20mm thick, + / – 4mm.
  • Whilst all marble countertops are sealed after fabrication in order to help reduce the natural porosity of the stone, all pieces of marble will still be susceptible to staining. ParkerHowley&co will not be responsible for any stains that may occur.
  • ParkerHowley&co is not responsible for any cracks, stains, breakage or fissures that may occur after the product has been accepted.
  • Marble products ordered at a later date may be more expensive and there is no guarantee it will match original stone.

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