Bespoke Bathroom Vanity Units

Add a splash of luxury to your bathroom or en suite with our extensive range of bespoke vanity units.

At Parker Howley, we believe the bathroom is a place of tranquillity and comfort, and that these rooms, where we spend so much time, preparing for the day ahead or unwinding from it, deserve the same splash of luxury and sense of design that the rest of our homes are given.

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Our Bespoke Process

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We offer an extensive range of hand-crafted bespoke vanity units, in a wide variety of styles, each offering a stunning yet practical solution that fuses storage and aesthetic beauty, to help you to add character and a personal touch to your bathroom.

Where quality craftsmanship and luxury design meet, our bespoke vanity units are the ultimate bathroom centrepiece, helping to bring your bathroom to life.

At Parker Howley, bespoke means bespoke, enabling you to customise our range of hand-crafted vanity units, to your unique taste and needs. Select from bespoke freestanding or wall mounted units, before tailoring your chosen model’s size, style, colour, and finish, to your bathroom design and layout.

As a trusted partner to hundreds of high-end interior designers, whom we support to help bring their clients’ visions to life, we can help you to explore our range of bespoke vanity units, and the many options available, to help design the perfect piece for your bathroom.

Bespoke Vanity Units for Every Bathroom

Our huge range of customisable vanity units offers something for everyone, every taste, and every bathroom.

Before you begin thinking about the specific, personalised aspects of our bespoke vanity units, a few fundamental decisions must be made, based on the size, layout, and available space in your bathroom or ensuite, as well as the number of sinks, and the amount of storage you require, to identify the ideal models for your unique needs and unique taste.

First, choose between:

  • Wall Hung vanity units are ideal for smaller rooms or ensuites, to maximise your space, and help you attain a more minimalist aesthetic.
  • Freestanding models are available in a range of elegant shapes, ideal for rooms with a little more available space, and make a beautiful focal centrepiece for your bathroom.

Secondly, explore our:

  • Single vanity units, which are perfectly sized for a single sink, are ideal for ensuites, smaller bathrooms, and downstairs toilet rooms, and provide a stunning storage solution in the tightest of spaces.
  • Double vanity units are ideal for medium to large bathrooms, and offer the space for two sinks, in addition to ample storage for all towels, toiletries etc.

At Parker Howley, your options are not restricted to a limited range of pre-made bespoke vanity units. When you’ve identified a model from our range that closely meets your needs and tastes, you’re ready for the exciting customisation process, to create a piece that’s perfect in every way.

We offer a huge number of personalisation options, including:

  • Colour & Finish – As bespoke, handcrafted pieces, you can select the colour and finish of your vanity unit, giving you the freedom to coordinate your piece to even the most specific bathroom designs and colour palettes.
  • Storage – Vanity units are stunning storage solutions, with our freestanding models offering you a larger space with which to customise your storage options.
  • Basins – Select from a range of luxury basins, in a variety of beautiful styles, to further personalise the character of your vanity unit.
  • Taps – Your basin, and the taps you select from our wide range, can take your vanity unit’s aesthetic impact to a whole new level. Be sure to choose wisely.

If you’d like to be guided through the process of customising our bespoke vanity units, our friendly team of specialists are here to support you.

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