Top 5 Bespoke Bathroom Storage Solutions

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Our bathrooms are full of toiletries. In fact, homes in the UK spend approximately £50 a month on toiletries and beauty products. That’s a lot of bottles, tubes and canisters!

Yet many bathroom designs lack sufficient storage, leading to countless free-standing options flooding the market. Often, these bathroom storage solutions are low quality, flimsy, and are aesthetically nondescript.

In this blog we dive into our favourite bespoke storage ideas to help you maximise storage across your bathroom, in style.

Our Top 5 Favourite Bespoke Bathroom Storage Solutions

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1. Vanity Units

Vanity units are both the ultimate bathroom centrepiece and a practical solution, helping to transform your bathroom and provide valuable storage space.

If you have a huge hoard of toiletries to hide away, we recommend browsing vanity unit models with countertop basins, as they help to maximise the available storage space the unit has to offer inside. Alternatively, models with undermount basins offer a sleek, streamlined aesthetic, yet offer slightly less storage space as the basin is sunken into the unit.

But there’s more. When it comes to finding the perfect bespoke bathroom storage solutions for your bathroom, vanity units are at the top of the list, with a huge range of designs available to support your unique storage requirements.

For example, at Parker Howley, our The Thornton models, like this 4 drawer unit, features drawers for the toiletries, beauty and bathroom products you’d like to tidy away, and an open shelf perfect for storing your towels in an attractive and practical way.

Similarly, our The Cotswold model features 3 spacious drawers, and 6 open shelving sections where you can both store and display your favourite bathroom accessories, products, or even decorative items.

Depending on the extent of your storage needs, we offer small single-basin units with a single drawer and shelf (like this 1-drawer Thornton model) or a single cabinet storage space and shelf, like our Yeadon model, all the way up to more substantial double-basin models with 4 deep and spacious drawers (like this The Italian model), 6-drawer models like our The Astrid unit, and models with 5 drawers and two cabinet storage spaces, like The Bolsterstone.

Unlike many of the bathroom storage solutions available on the market today, our vanity units can be tailored to your unique space and most exacting tastes. Make any of our designs, a freestanding or wall-hung model, and customise its colour, stain (selecting from Rubio Monocoat’s market-leading range), its available storage, and its featured basin and taps.

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2. All-in-One WC/Vanity Units

Similarly, all-in-one WC/Vanity units are increasingly popular bathroom storage solutions, offering storage space and making an attractive feature of both your basin and your toilet.

Just like our vanity units, the vanity portion of our all-in-one units can feature either a countertop basin, offering you slightly more internal storage space, or an undermount basin, which will eat up a little of your top drawer space.

Our flagship all-in-one model, The Italian, which is available in a range of stunning finishes, features two spacious drawers and an open shelf, perfect for weaved baskets full of your toiletries.

What’s more, one of our Cistern Units, The Thornton, features two roomy cupboards either side of the toilet cistern, providing ample room for even the most dedicated collectors of bathroom lotions and potions.

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3. Tall Boy Units

If you’re looking for a high-quality alternative to mass produced, flimsy freestanding bathroom shelving units, drawers on wheels and other such bathroom storage solutions, our bespoke tall boy units are a must-see.

With a depth of 350mm and a height of 1600mm, a tall boy unit may just offer all the bathroom storage you and your family need.

Like our vanity units, our versatile tall boy model, The Malton, is available in either freestanding or wall-mounted orientations, in a plain wood or painted finish, and you can select from models with flat/plain doors, shaker doors, or beaded doors.

As furniture specialists keen to help you get the most storage out of your bespoke piece, we work closely with you to customise the internal storage options your tall boy offers, and tailor its unique configuration to your needs.

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4. Mirrored Cabinets

If traditional mirrored medicine cabinets are more your thing, you could also work with our team to create a 100% bespoke piece, designed to compliment your existing bathroom design, or other bespoke bathroom furniture we may be manufacturing for you.

You won’t find these cabinets on our website, but our skilled team can create any bespoke storage solutions you desire, from our Yorkshire workshop.

Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, and have purchased your own medicine cabinet, you can browse our stunning range of luxury bathroom mirrors which you can fit to your existing cabinet.

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5. Oak Shelving

When it comes to storing or displaying just your core, go-to toiletries, our stunning oak shelving is a great option.

Made in our workshop by our skilled craftspeople, our oak shelves are 190mm deep, are available in the following widths: 300mm / 400mm / 500mm / 600mm / 700mm / 800mm / 900mm / 1000mm, and in a wide range of stains to help you achieve the perfect aesthetic for your bathroom design.

Go Bespoke With Parker Howley

Use our online tool to tailor the design of our bathroom vanity units and tall boy storage units to your tastes and unique application.

Alternatively, at Parker Howley, the perfect bathroom is only a few conversations away. Work with our team to be guided through the process of creating the perfect bathroom storage solutions for you, your family and your home’s unique design.

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