2024’s Top Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

bathroom interior design ideas

The bathroom is the home’s centre of relaxation, and a place where the average person in the UK spends approximately 416 days of their life.

However, bathroom interiors often feel stylistically separate from the other rooms of the house, and are less frequently updated to reflect changing tastes and trends.

At Parker Howley, we’re passionate about helping customers like you to transform your bathrooms into stunning extensions of your home and its carefully curated interior design. In this blog, we explore how we can help you to bring this year’s most popular bathroom interior design ideas to life.

Our Top 10 Favourite Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

1. Coloured Vanity Units

Break up your bland bathroom suite, and add a burst of colour by opting for a vanity unit in a painted or stained finish.

To dip your toe into the big bold world of colour, consider warm and neutral tones like creams, beiges, muted sage, brown and grey colours, and monochrome, high-contrast colour schemes perfect for both traditional and Scandinavian bathroom designs.

Alternatively, deep earthy tones, such as browns, dark greens, deep blues, blacks and slate grey colours can create a sophisticated look that really makes a statement.

Similarly, light pastel coloured vanity units are one of the year’s most popular bathroom interior design ideas and the perfect option for contemporary bathroom designs. Explore units in soft pinks, pastel greens, blues, purples and even yellows to create a relaxing, airy and bright atmosphere across your bathroom.

Browse our huge range of vanity units featuring a painted finish, and work with our team of specialists to personalise the colour to your unique taste and bathroom design.

2. Stone

Stone, and especially veined or textured stone, is set to be a mainstay of bathrooms in the near future, helping you to achieve a spa-like atmosphere and add a sense of luxury to your bathroom, whatever your chosen school of design.

Quartz stone is not only beautiful, but highly resistant to water, heat and steam damage, and more resistant to scratches than natural stone materials like limestone, granite and marble, making it the ultimate option for countertops

Discover our range of bespoke vanity units, and select from either a plain/painted wooden top, or a hand selected quartz stone top and experience the aesthetic power of this material.

3. Mood Lighting

Bathroom lighting is key to achieving a calming atmosphere of relaxation. The trick is to blend natural light, ambient light, accent lighting and task lighting to create the desired mood and the perfect lighting for every application.

In our list of 2024’s top bathroom interior design ideas, this may be one the most easily and affordably achieved.

Explore our wide range of mirrors featuring backlights, some manufactured by us in Yorkshire UK, and others by leading bathroom brands such as Crosswater, Origins Living, Perrin & Rowe and beyond, to shine a little light on your daily shaving, grooming and make-up application routines, and set the desired mood for your bath times.

4. Mixed Metals

It’s 2024, and the mixed metal trend is here in force, helping you to break up your bathroom, and create a more considered, curated and layered aesthetic.

We advise you choose a single dominant metal and add a further one or two accent metals, while avoiding mixing metals from the same family, such as nickel and chrome.

To bring one of 2024’s most popular bathroom interior design ideas to life, a good rule of thumb is to mix cool and warmer metals, and repeat each metal at least once across your bathroom. Cool Metals are chrome, nickel and matt black, and Warmer Metals are brass, bronze, gold and copper.

Using the simple metal guide above, assign a dominant metal and two accents to your vanity unit handles, vanity mirror frame, lighting, taps, and any other metal elements across your bathroom. Discover our range of handles and taps to create your perfect tailored metal mix.

bathroom interior design ideas

5. Statement Basins

Traditionally, bathroom basins are predominantly found in different shades of white, and in matt and gloss finishes. We have a huge range of luxury basins that fit this description from leading basin brands, Crosswater, Vitra, Villeroy & Boch, and BC Designs, which are available in a range of popular classic finishes via our online builder.

However, recently, coloured basins have become a popular addition to the modern bathroom, and we can help you to tap into this popular trend with our range of stunning Victoria & Albert basins.

Explore our wide range of Victoria & Albert basins featuring a variety of both traditional and contemporary basin designs, find your favourite, and work with our bathroom specialists to order any of these models in any RAL colour.

6. Floating Vanity Units

Many of the bathroom interior design ideas on our list are timeless design concepts bound to stand the test of time, and wall-hung (or floating) vanity units are no exception.

Floating vanities help to maximise your space, and create an airy, open bathroom that lends itself perfectly to unwinding, relaxing and leaving the trials of the day behind you.

They’re the perfect choice for fans of accessorising, leaving you more space with which to do so, and for bathrooms with statement floor tiling, as they extend your floor space, making it more of a feature, and easy to clean.

Explore our huge range of vanity unit designs to find your favourite model, and work with our team of bathroom specialists to request a bespoke wall-mounted version. We can also make wall-mounted tall boy units for added bathroom storage.

7. Wall-Mounted Taps

Modern bathroom design and wall-mounted taps are a perfect match, maximising counter space and creating a contemporary spa-like aesthetic that screams luxury.

Achieve the ultimate uncluttered modern bathroom design, with 2 and 3-hole wall-mounted tap models that make the perfect accompaniment to both countertop and undermount basins.

Browse our extensive range of wall-mounted taps from industry-leading bathroom brands, Crosswater, London 1916, BC Designs, Hotbath, Riobel, Perrin & Rowe and our own Curated by PH range, to find your favourite model in the perfect finish for your bathroom design.

8. Natural Materials

One of the most popular bathroom interior design ideas of late, that shows no signs of slowing down, is the move towards natural materials that help to bring outside elements into your bathroom.

Natural materials, in the form of wood, stone and marble units, basins and bathroom accessories, help to create a sense of serenity, relaxation, calm, and an atmosphere that beckons you inside.

Every vanity unit and tall boy storage unit we design and manufacture in our Yorkshire workshop is made from the highest quality, American prime Oak, for units with a plain wood finish, or Tulip wood for pieces with a painted/stained finish. And, as we’ve already covered in this list, our vanity units are also available with a stone top.

To help you to incorporate more natural materials into your bathroom design, you can also explore our wood framed mirrors by Origins Living, models made in our workshop, and our oak shelving and bathroom accessories.

bathroom interior design ideas

9. Fluted Fixtures

Fluting is the ridge-like texture you’ve no doubt seen on bathroom furniture, fixtures, fittings, and even showers during your bathroom interiors doom scrolling sessions. It’s a growing trend that is becoming increasingly sought-after for those renovating their bathroom, for not only its aesthetic appeal, but its incredible durability and resistance to moisture and humidity.

Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or contemporary bathroom design, we can help you to incorporate fluted textures into your bathroom with our range of vanity units, many of which feature different levels of fluted textures.

From heavily fluted models like our stunning Italian 2 Drawer, Italian Combinato, Penshurst and stunning wall-hung Culverden vanity units, to more subtly fluted models featuring the popular texture on drawers or doors, like our Stamford model. We’ve got you covered for fluted finishes.

10. Spathrooms

Each and every point in our list of bathroom interior design ideas has been leading up to this point, and can help you bring it to life: spa-like bathrooms.

As wellness has become incorporated into our daily lives, bathrooms now reflect a spa-like aesthetic to help create luxurious spaces for daily relaxation and pampering.

Create your very own spathroom by realising a number of the points in our list. You can also work with our bespoke bathroom specialists to design and bring to life the perfect bathroom suite.

Go Bespoke With Parker Howley

Use our online tool to tailor the design of our bathroom vanity units and tall boy storage units to your tastes and unique application.

Alternatively, work with our team to be guided through the process of creating the perfect bathroom for you, your family and your home’s unique design.

Go bespoke with Parker Howley and bring this year’s top bathroom interior design ideas to life across your bathroom.

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