This Year’s Top Bedroom Trends

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Transform your bedroom into your very own centre of serenity, by taking inspiration from some of this year’s top bedroom trends.

At Parker Howley, we can help you harness these interior trends in the form of bespoke bedroom nightstands and other stunning bedroom furniture we can design and manufacture to your most exacting tastes.

Let’s jump into it.

Tap Into This Year’s Top Bedroom Trends With Parker Howley

Bedroom Trends

1. Mismatched Nightstands and Accessories

2024 is the year of maximalism and asymmetry, and mismatching furniture, like bedside tables and even chests of drawers, has become a popular way to combine styles in order to create a bedroom interior that reflects your unique taste and personality.

No need to select matching nightstands and other bedroom furniture in pairs, for a traditionally symmetrical look. Select two bedroom tables in varying designs and colours, or pair your nightstand with a desk or other piece of furniture.

We can help you to embrace one of the hottest bedroom trends of the year with our range of bedside tables designed in collaboration with leading designer Emma Merry Styling, which can be customised to beautifully contrast for the perfect mismatched aesthetic.

Browse our range and select your favourite contrasting designs, before tailoring each piece to have a contrasting painted finish, and giving each model a unique top, one made from oak, and the second from luxury quartz stone.

Bedroom Trends

2. Wall Mounted Furniture

Wall-mounted (or floating) bedroom furniture is another of this year’s hottest bedroom trends, and one you shouldn’t sleep on. If you’ll forgive the pun.

Do away with unit legs and bases, and affix your furniture at the perfect height for you, while extending the available space in your bedroom and creating a sense of airiness that simply screams relaxation.

Alternatively, for a maximalist approach, wall-mount your bedroom furniture and fill the floor space with carefully sauced accessories, like wicker baskets, wooden boxes, ottomans and stools.

Beyond extending your space, or creating more space to fill, opting for wall-mounted bedroom furniture can also make cleaning an easier and less time consuming endeavour. No more moving of furniture to hoover.

Discover our range of bespoke bedside tables, designed in collaboration with Emma Merry Styling, select your favourite model, and speak to our team of furniture specialists about manufacturing a wall-mounted version. We can also design and manufacture chests of drawers and wardrobes by request, which can be made as wall-mounted models to help you bring this year top bedroom trends to your boudoir.

Bedroom Trends

3. Natural Sustainable Materials

This year, natural and sustainable materials are a must-have, and an excellent way to create a sense of calm across your bedroom.

Select wood, rattan, bamboo, cork and stone bedroom furniture and accessories to experience why these stunning natural textures have become one of the year’s ultimate bedroom trends.

At Parker Howley, we can help you harness this trend with our range of bespoke bedside tables, which are manufactured in Yorkshire from high-quality prime American Oak, or Tulip Wood for models with a painted finish, and can feature either plain wood or luxury stone top.

We also use these same quality materials to manufacture chests of drawers and wardrobes inline with your favourite designs. Contact our specialists today to discuss the design of your bedroom suite.

Bedroom Trends

4. Texture & Print

The allover pattern design convention may have once been something you’d associate with your grandparent’s design sensibilities, but as one of 2024’s top bedroom trends, it’s one you should explore.

In short, this trend is about using small-scale patterns across your wallpaper, bedding, lampshades, carpet and chair upholstery, or a range of different textures across wallpaper, furniture and beyond.

You can apply this trend by selecting a number of different yet coordinating patterns and textures to work together across your wallpaper, soft furnishings, furniture and accessories, or simply opt to weave a single basic texture or shape across the furniture and furnishings of your bedroom.

Discover our range of bespoke bedside tables, specifically The Monty, with its inset lattice detail, and The Gabe, with its stunning reeded front, to incorporate these stunning textures into your bedroom.

Bedroom Trends

5. Splashes of Colour

Injecting some splashes of colour into your bedroom design is another of this year’s
maximalist bedroom trends.

Do away with nondescript neutral tones that are popular in bedrooms, and lean into either subtle accent colours or vibrant splashes of colour to create a space that is uniquely yours.
From light, pale, soft shades like blue and pink pastels to deeper, darker colours like greens, deep blues, greys to loud and proud pinks, yellows and beyond, colours can help you set the perfect tone across your bedroom.

At Parker Howley, we can help you to harness this trend with our range of bespoke nightstands, which are available in a wide range of painted/stained finishes from Farrow & Ball and Rubio Monocoat.

Go Bespoke With Parker Howley

Use our online tool to tailor the design of our models to your most exacting tastes, or work with our team of furniture specialists to not only be guided through the process of tailoring every element of our models further, but to design custom pieces too.

Go bespoke with Parker Howley and bring this year’s ultimate bedroom trends to life across your boudoir.

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