How Our Vanity Units Are Made

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At Parker Howley, we’ve been manufacturing bespoke UK made vanity units in our Yorkshire Workshop for over ten years.

Our bathroom specialists and master craftspeople design and manufacture high quality, luxury vanity units capable of transforming your bathroom or en suite, right here in the Yorkshire town of Mirfield.

Nothing is sent away, or made overseas. Our skilled and qualified joiners team-build our UK made vanity units onsite, to turn the design you create with our bathroom specialists into a stunning piece of bespoke bathroom furniture you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Designing Your Vanity Unit


1)  Contact our team to start the ball rolling.

2) Over the phone, or at an appointment at our Mirfield showroom, we’ll work with you to establish the fundamental characteristics of your vanity unit’s design and orientation.

    • We’ll explore: Your available space. If you’d like wall mounted or free standing pieces. Whether you’d prefer an undermount or countertop basin. How much storage you need. If you’d prefer doors or drawers, and if you’d like to incorporate shelving. The pros and cons of natural oak vs paint finishes.
    • As well as: Our extensive range of taps, basins and wastes to help you identify the perfect models to bring your bespoke UK made vanity unit to life.

3) With these essential choices made, we’ll provide you with an itemised quote for your order, and if we’re speaking to you over the phone, direct you to our website to complete your purchase, or we can do this with you in our showroom.

4) When your order is placed and added to our production schedule, you’ll receive communication from our team informing you of your delivery date.

5) As your build date approaches, you’ll receive a final build confirmation email detailing the whole order. When we have received an email from you giving us the final go ahead, we will begin building your vanity unit. (We can also conduct and supply scale drawings at this stage, on request, for our truly bespoke UK made vanity units).

Manufacturing Our UK Made Vanity Units

With your beautiful design finalised, our skilled team of craftspeople get to work manufacturing your bespoke vanity unit, using a tried and tested process that has produced stunning results for our clients over the last decade.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Wood

Our talented and qualified joiners will carefully select the wood for your vanity unit based on your unique design, and each wood’s characteristics and benefits.

We use Tulipwood for painted units due to its durability, natural beauty and smooth consistency making for a smooth painted finish. For stained furniture, we use American prime-grade oak for its stunning grain, which makes the perfect foundation for staining. Our joiners use Hidrofugo for painted end panels and oak veneer for stained end panels.

At Parker Howley, we only use kiln-dried wood to make our UK made vanity units, to help prevent warping and maximise your return on investment.

Step 2: Cutting & Shaping the Wood

Our skilled joiners detail the various pieces and sizes of wood they will need to make your bespoke piece ahead of the building process, enabling them to easily and accurately select the right material when they begin to manufacture your order.

When our team has collected together the wood for your unit, ensuring there are no bends, splits, or imperfections in the material, we use panel and rip saws to cut the wooden sheets and lengths of timber to the desired dimensions of the frame and side panels of your bespoke unit.

Manufacturing UK made vanity units for over a decade, our time served and qualified joiners don’t make mistakes, only the finest vanity units made in the UK today.

Step 3: Assembling the Frame of Your Vanity Unit

Our team then plane the timber pieces down to the necessary thickness ready for assembly.

We use old school domino joints, and specialist wood glue from suppliers Wurth UK, to assemble the frame of your vanity unit, ensuring everything is level and square, and using clamps to ensure a tight and rigid connection.

When the specialist glue has dried, our skilled craftspeople carefully remove the excess using a sharp chisel for the perfect professional finish.

If you’ve opted to use solid oak, we inspect the timber and ensure the grain runs in the same direction before the piece is put together.

Step 4: Building the Cabinet

Oak veneer or moisture resistant MDF is cut to the appropriate dimensions for the back panel of your unit, which we attach to the frame via specialist glue and heavy duty pins.

We build a support beam or two inside to provide additional stability if required, and fill pin holes with polyfilla, or specialist furniture wax if the unit is made from oak.

All our UK made vanity units are sanded using a hand-held orbital sander, with varying grits of sandpaper, until they are smooth and free from imperfections. The edges and corners are then gently rounded to remove any sharp edges and produce a professional finish.

Step 5: Making Bespoke Drawer Boxes

Our craftspeople make drawers for our vanity units from solid oak, which they carefully measure and accurately cut to size, sanding the edges to prevent splinters and to ensure a snug fit when assembled.

These pieces are then placed into the dovetailing machine to create the perfect, consistent joints required for a quality finished assembly.

We assemble drawer components using dovetail joints and specialist wood glue to ensure stability, and our joiners make notches in the rear of the drawer box to accommodate the Blum soft close runners we fit as standard.

Step 6: Painting or Staining Your Vanity Unit

When our team of expert craftspeople are satisfied with the piece in its unfinished state, we apply your chosen finish.

Painted Finishes

If you’ve opted for a painted finish, our team spray a layer of primer onto the unit, fine sand it and use an airline to blow off any debris to remove any final imperfections, before applying the colour. We apply at least 2 coats to ensure a durable and even finish, and complete the job by pouring some of the remaining paint into a touch-up pot for when you need it.

Stain Finishes

We stain our oak UK made vanity units using a market-leading oil based product from RubioMonocoat to seal the wood, protect it from moisture, and give the vanity unit your specified finish.

Like most of our processes, this is done by hand, using a sponge applicator to work the stain into the grain and wiping off the success with a clean dry cloth, to produce a flawless finish.

Step 7: Fitting Drawers & Handles

With our solid oak dovetailed drawer boxes assembled, our skilled joiners place them on the Blum Movento soft close runners we use, and lock them into place using clips which offer a small amount of horizontal and vertical adjustment if required.

The drawer fronts are then offered up to the box and packers are used to ensure there is an even shut line all around the drawer front before they are screwed into place from behind with countersunk screws.

Our craftspeople then carefully fit your handles to the front of each drawer or door, ensuring they are easily spaced and level, for a professional finished look.

Step 8: Fitting Drawers & Handles

When our craftspeople complete your bespoke piece, foam pads are added under the feet and rigid cardboard edge protectors are used on all corners for additional protection. It is then securely wrapped in several layers of foam, and finished with a layer of shrink wrap, ready for delivery.

For transit, we wrap the worktops of our UK made vanity units in blankets or foam, to ensure safe, reliable delivery, ready for installation.

Quality UK Made Vanity Units

At Parker Howley, quality runs through everything we do, from our materials to our manufacturing methods.

We use a mix of modern tools such as panel and rip saws, as well as traditional hand tools and techniques such as domino jointing.

All our UK made vanity units are made from the highest quality materials, which we source as locally and sustainably as possible. The timber used to build your bespoke piece is sourced as locally as Halifax, our stone from Leeds and Cheshire, and our handles are primarily sourced from our supplier in Huddersfield. The furthest we venture for our materials is Derby, where we buy our high quality paint.

Our relationships with the bathroom accessory brands we work with, enable us to supply you with the highest quality accessories, at a reduced price, complete with their relevant warranties and guarantees.

Though we doubt you’ll ever need it, we guarantee our vanity units for 2 years, to offer you peace of mind.

Contact our team today to enquire about our UK made vanity units, and begin the journey to designing the ultimate bespoke piece to transform your bathroom or en suite.

Need More Inspiration?

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