2023’s Bathroom Vanity Trends

bathroom vanity trends

Bathroom vanity units are an essential part of any bathroom. They provide storage space for all your toiletries and other bathroom essentials, while also adding style and elegance to your bathroom. In 2023, there are many exciting emerging bathroom vanity trends. Here is the year’s top 10.

1. Vintage

Vintage could mean anything from the 1980s, to the Victorian era, and everything in between. The vintage trend is all about bringing back the old and making it new again. In 2023, you can expect to see more vintage-inspired bathroom vanity units, with ornate details and intricate designs.

bathroom vanity trends

2. Clean

Clean design refers to anything that’s modern, Japanese, or contemporary in style. Clean design is all about simplicity and minimalism. In 2023, we’ll be seeing more clean and simple bathroom vanity units, with sleek lines and minimalist designs.

3. Natural Texture

Just like 2022, this year’s bathroom vanity trends are very much about warming things up. Natural texture is all about bringing the outdoors inside. Expect to see more natural wood finishes on bathroom vanities and cabinets in 2023.

4. Warm Tones

Warm tones are all about creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. In 2023, warm-toned bathroom vanity units with finishes like walnut, cherry, and mahogany, are a hit.

5. Marble

Marble has been a popular choice for bathroom vanity tops for years, but in 2023, you can expect to see more marble on the actual vanity unit itself. Marble is one of this year’s most elegant and sophisticated bathroom vanity trends.

bathroom vanity trends

6. Gold

Gold is a luxurious finish that adds glamour and sophistication to any bathroom, and bathroom vanity units in this classic and luxurious finish, are one of the year’s top bathroom design choices.

7. Statement Walls

Statement walls are all about making a bold statement in your bathroom. In 2023, you can expect to see more statement walls behind the bathroom vanity unit, boasting bold patterns or colours.

8. Spa-like Comfort

Spa-like comfort is all about creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom. In 2023, spa-like features on vanity units, like built-in seating or storage for towels and other spa essentials, are one of the year’s top bathroom vanity trends.

9. Mix-and-Match

Mix-and-match is all about creating a unique look by combining different materials and finishes together. In 2023, mix-and-match bathroom vanity units with different finishes on the cabinet doors and drawers, are a hit.

bathroom vanity trends

10. Coloured Sanitaryware

Coloured sanitaryware is making a comeback in 2023, as people look for ways to add personality and colour to their bathrooms. This year, You can expect to see more coloured toilets, and sinks in bathroom vanity units.

See! There are many exciting bathroom vanity trends emerging in 2023. From vintage-inspired designs to clean lines and minimalist finishes, there is truly something for everyone looking for the perfect bathroom vanity unit this year. Our experienced team of bathroom specialists are on hand to help you explore the options available to you, including our specialty, bespoke bathroom vanity designs, to help bring your bathrooms dreams to life.

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